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Explore Kyocera Cutting Tools: Precision Solutions for Vietnam’s Mechanical Processing Industry

Founded in Kyoto City, Japan in 1959, Kyocera Cutting Tools Division stands as a premier brand in the realm of cutting tools, boasting six decades of expertise and innovation. With a dedicated team of seasoned professionals, Kyocera continually refines its technology and product range to cater to the diverse requirements of manufacturing sectors such as automotive, medical, aerospace, electronics, and printed circuit boards within Vietnam.

Kyocera cutting tools offer unparalleled quality, tailored for machinery systems and factories across Vietnam, delivering competitive costs and superior performance. Here’s an overview of Kyocera’s main product categories:

  1. Kyocera Turning Inserts:
    • Grooving and Cut-off Inserts: Includes external and internal grooving, face grooving, and various designs optimized for specific materials.
    • Threading Inserts: Internal and external threading inserts featuring different turning directions to suit workpiece specifications.
    • CBN/PCD Inserts: Designed for hardened materials with high-performance surface requirements.
  2. Kyocera Milling Tools:
    • Face Milling Tools: Indexable tools crafted for high-speed, cost-effective synthetic processing.
    • Shoulder Milling Tools: Employed for milling right edges with a standard chamfer angle of 90 degrees.
    • Solid Milling Tools: Precision-engineered from ultrafine carbide, ideal for intricate machining tasks.
  3. Kyocera Drills:
    • Indexable Drills
    • Solid Carbide Drills
    • Deep Hole Drills
    • Standard Drills
    • Micro Drills

PAC Vietnam Technology JSC, established in 2009, proudly serves as the authorized distributor of Kyocera Cutting Tools in Vietnam. Our dedicated team ensures optimal solutions, top-notch products, competitive pricing, and swift delivery.

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