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Kyocera Cutting Tools Division of Kyocera Group established in Kyoto City, Japan in 1959, is one of the leading brands in the field of cutting tools from Japan.

With 60 years of experience in the field of supplying mechanical cutting tools with a team of experienced experts, Kyocera has been constantly improving technology and products to meet the diverse needs of customers in manufacturing industries such as automotive, medical, aerospace, electronics and printed circuit boards.

Kyocera cutting tools (Japan) with quality suitable for machinery systems, factories in Vietnam and competitive cost should be used by many mechanical processing units.

Kyocera cutting tools main products:

1. Kyocera turning insert

1.1. Grooving and Cut off insert


  • External grooving / cut off insert
  • Internal hole grooving insert
  • Face grooving insert

1.2. External turning insert

Depending on the product material, Kyocera cutting tools has many suitable insert designs to bring maximum efficiency in processing.

1.3. Internal turning insert

Depending on the product material, hole size, Kyocera cutting tools has many suitable insert designs to bring maximum efficiency in processing.

1.4. Threading insert

Internal / External threading insert with verity of turning directions basing on work piece spect.

1.5. CBN/PCD insert

Inserts for harden material with high performance surface and roughness requirement.

2. Kyocera milling tool

2.1. Face milling tool (index-able tool)

Face milling insert is one of the types of milling tool that are precisely processing with materials from HSS material. This type of milling insert is often used as a synthetic tool with high speed and safe the cost.

2.2. Shoulder milling tool (90-degree milling)

A shoulder milling tool (index-able tool) is a different type of face milling tool with a chamfer angle of usually 90 degrees, and is applied to milling the right edges in the processing details.

2.3. Solid milling tool

Kyocera solid endmill is made of high ultrafine carbide which is pacifically suitable for precision machining.

Kyocera main solid milling tools:

Roughing Endmill

With multi flutes and coarse pitch which allow large amounts of work pieces to be removed in a short time.

Square Endmill 

This is a multipurpose milling solid tool, square head, has a sharp angle and creates a 90° angle. They can be used for groove milling, plunging, side milling, ramping, slotting.

It is the most common milling endmill in the mechanical industry. They have many different diameter sizes.

Radius Endmill

With different Radius corner at the tip of the cutting flute, which helps meet the processing margin, preserves maximum tool life and increases cutting speed. They are best used for mold applications.

Micro endmill

Kyocera’s Micro solid endmill line has a diameter range of .005″ to 120″ and has a standard length of 1-1/2″ OAL and an extended length of 2-1/2″ OAL. Micro milling solid endmill are often used on CNC machines for many applications such as mold milling, drilling and high precision etc., electronic circuit industries, etc.

Ball nose Endmill

Used to create mixed curves for molds and stamping molds where sharp corners are avoided.

3. Kyocera Drill

  • Index-able drill
  • Solid carbide drill
    • Deep hole drill
    • Standard drill
    • Micro drill

PAC Vietnam Technology JSC was established in 2009, with a dynamic staff with many years of experience, always innovators, learning new products, the most advanced technology from reputable manufacturers and brands in the world.

Vietnam Technology JSC is the authorized distributor of KYOCERA Cutting Tools in Vietnam, we are committed to providing customers with optimal solutions, quality products, competitive prices and the fastest delivery time.

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